A Little About Me

There so many things that have made me who I am today. I am a 48 year old mother of two. I have lived all over the eastern part of the country and I am now in Georgia. The south is probably where I will stay simply because I love the heat and the mild winter. I have lived a very interesting life, met all kinds of people, and I have many more places to go and see and many more people to meet.

My daughter and her husband have a one year old son, so I guess I am a gigi after all. I really didn’t think it would be that soon. They are so young and the odds are against them but they will be just fine I have confidence in her and him. They make my family full and I couldn’t ask for more.┬áMy daughter and I are so close it’s hard to imagine a time she wasn’t here, she will forever be the driving force in what I do.

My son is the most precious thing in my world. I ache for him, cry for him, and love him more than anything. He will probably never know how much love I have for him until he has that precious, awkward, friendly, loving, child who looks at him with eyes to the soul and makes his heart ache for the person he will become. He will be a great man someday, of that I am sure. The world may never know him but that isn’t what matters. He is honest and true and he will find his way

Which brings me to the point of starting this site. I have recently found that I have breast cancer. For a reasonably heathly women or so I thought it came as a blow to my mortality. I am now ready to change it all.

Breast Cancer Awareness